+DOPEPromoting a positive way of thinking, being, living and influencing others. We are people who never allow the negatives in life to outshine or overcast. Be the best you that you can, always be positively dope.


Mission Statement:
Our mission is to collaborate with other hidden gems from all walks of creativity through limited edition pieces of art and clothing, to spread positivity. We want to create a platform of sharing and spreading a message of unity amongst brands by reaching out through our youth and setting the example. No matter what negative situation you come from you can step above it and shine.

Our goal is to provide quality products, to support and uplift our neighboring communities and businesses. We take pride in manufacturing all of our products in the USA.


Company Bio:
The idea of +DOPE was born in 2011 by creative individual Odessa Buggs who shared a love and passion for all creative people and outlets. With intentions for it to be more than just a brand we wanted to create a positive lifestyle for people to follow. The idea was carefully put into motion and released in Jan of 2013. We are building, growing and expanding our community and hope you are here to come along for the journey with us.


We are currently based in The Bay Area (California) as strictly an online boutique but hoping to have a storefront in the near future.

© +DOPE 2011